Emerson, Lake & Palmer – C’est la vie

C’est la vie…
Have your leaves all turned to brown?
Will you scatter them around you?
C’est la vie…

Do you love?
And then, how am I to know,
If you don’t let your love show for me?
Cest la vie…

In the night,
Do you light a lovers’ fire?
Do the ashes of desire for you remain?

Like the sea,
There’s a love too deep to show
Took a storm before my love flowed for you
C’est la vie…

Like a song,
Out of tune and out of time,
All I needed was a rhyme for you
C’est la vie…

Do you give?
Do you live from day to day?
Is there no song I can play for you?
C’est la vie…

July 21st, 2008
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