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My Tribute to Woody Allen

YOU GOTTA LOVE Woody Allen, this Charlie Chaplin of words, who offered himself as an item for the amusement of those around. In a memorable televised discution with the preacher Billy Graham, he was amazed to learn God is perfect:
“God is perfect?!? he said, well…this didn’t cross my mind when I looked in the mirror in the morning…”
My guess is that if he had to choose a body before his birth, this was exactly what Woody would have picked up anyway. Just like a model would have chosen a slim, big breasted body should she had the chance.

Underneath this layer is the existentialist. The one that complains he was flung at the metaphysics exam for looking into the soul of the boy sitting next to him. It’s like the entire world has joined forces against this little man, horrified of the apocalyptical chain of events that is about to take over his life in a matter of seconds. And yet, this turmoil makes him just about the coolest person you’ve ever seen.

Lets’ hear Woody Allen talking about himself in some memorable quotations picked from his acts:
About his family:
“My mother is black, my father is white and vice-versa”
About his social activity:
“I would never wanna belong to a club that would have me for a member”
About his age:
“I’m sixty-two years old, a third of my life is already gone now…”

About the psychological therapy he attended for more than a decade:
“While talking to my shrink I try to give him no accurate information.”
About the experience he gained after his first marriage:
“You apply things you’ve learned in the first marriage to the second wife. Which is different…if you are lucky.”

Victor Grigore
January 21st, 2008
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